Weekend Surrender – The Surrender Series #1 by Lori King

Rachel Morgan has not had much luck with men.  Her father left and every man she has been with since then has either cheated on her or left her.  Determined to get her own back on her latest break-up she finds herself at the local bar faced with four very hot cowboys, all wanting her, and to top it all off they are brothers.

The Brooks brothers have been secretly in love with Rachel Morgan for years but have waited for a suitable time to set their plan in motion.  Seeing Rachel turn up at the bar wearing next to nothing is the perfect time. Will Rachel surrender to them for the weekend or can they convince her to make it longer?



Ok, so what woman wouldn’t want four hot, sexy cowboys to fulfill her every desire? The passion and story-line are not the best I’ve read but if you want a book that has lots of ménage sex, and have ever wondered about the logistics of having 4 men, then this will appeal to you.

I’m going to have to insert a spoiler here because I need to discuss this.  Why do a lot of these books have to have the woman get pregnant before she realises what she wants? This is a bit of a pet hate of mine.  Too many writers fall back on the “girl gets pregnant” plot in order for her to get the man she wants or for him to see what he wants.  Some are written well and it fits in with the story and even enhances the connection between the characters but some, like this, it just seems that she needed an excuse to go back to them instead of doing it because she wanted to.

May read the next one at some stage but no real desire to get it yet.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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