Point of No Return – Kathleen Turner #5 by Tiffany Snow

Who would have thought that within the space of a year Kathleen Turner would go from being a single woman with no desire to date to having an ex-fiancé, who she is still in love with, and an intimate affair with his brother, who she is also in love with. To make matters worse, both men are in love with her and have vowed to not give her up without a fight.

Having been shot at, hit by a car, nearly blown up – twice, kidnapped and almost sold as a sex slave, Kathleen has had enough, and when she finds out that she has a contract taken out on her she decides that enough is enough.

With the help of the two men she loves most in world, Blane Kirk and Kade Dennon, Kathleen is determined to put an end to the life-threatening situation.  But what about her love-life situation?  Can she make the ultimate decision and choose one of the brothers or is she destined to be alone with her heart-break for the rest of her life?



Such a fantastic, gripping ending to a brilliant series.  How can I write this with no spoilers?  There is just so much I want to share.  Kathleen has made her decision and oh, what a decision it is.  I will say there is a wedding.  A beautiful, love-filled wedding that is absolutely perfect for the two people involved. Other surprises occur during the course of this book, good ones and bad.  Some people just can’t let the past go and feel the need for revenge, although he does seem to be a ‘little’ psychotic especially when he keeps referring to Kathleen as ‘his Angel’…not freaky at all!  The epilogue rounds of the series nicely and I know for a fact that there are cameos of our favourite characters in Tiffany’s other books.

This series never gets old and because so much happens throughout the books there is always something that you have forgotten when you re-read it. I have just finished and already I want to read it again but I will restrain myself until next year.  It’s ok though because I still have ‘The Tangled Ivy Trilogy’  and the ‘Risky Business’ series to re-read and review. Also there is a new series coming out called ‘Corrupted Hearts’, first book due out in October 2016

Happy Reading!

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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