Out of Turn – Kathleen Turner #4 by Tiffany Snow

No-one ever said life was easy, especially not Kathleen Turner. Having her fiancé, Blane Kirk, accuse her of having an affair with his brother, Kade Dennon, Kathleen is left heart-broken and jobless.

An old adversary returns with a grudge against Kathleen and it appears that Blane has taken it upon himself to act as protector.  Not exactly happy with this arrangement, Kathleen pulls in reinforcements in the shape of Kade.  As the threats against Kathleen life escalate both men find it hard to keep their hands off her, while Kathleen battles internally with her own feelings for both men.

When Blane is accused of murder, it will take all three of them working together to find out exactly what happened, but will it be enough to keep Blane from going to prison and ruining his career?



For a bright man, Blane can be very idiotically stupid at times, but then in all seriousness was Kathleen as innocent as she likes to think she is?  No, she didn’t sleep with Kade and yes, she pushes him away but she is quick to embrace him and let him kiss her as well. How, exactly, would she feel if Blane was to spend nights in cheap hotels with Kandi or Charlotte? Or have photo evidence of him with his hands up one of their skirts?  We know it is innocent (sort of) but I know I wouldn’t be none to happy faced with that evidence.

As a fan of Kade, I also feel really sorry for him (which he would hate!).  Kathleen gives him so many mixed messages that it is no wonder he continues to try his luck and we all know that he is deeply in love with her. Come on Kathleen, get your act together girl!

This was another great episode in the romantic triangle in the lives of Blane, Kathleen and Kade.  So much happens. There is non-stop action, and  the desire that is evident from both men for Kathleen is unmistakable.  One of my favourite scenes is in this book, beginning of Chapter 12, in the closet…oh, to be Kathleen in that particular scene (sigh!).

Fifth and final book to be read next.  This one I will have to read slower to ensure it lasts longer.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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