No Turning Back – Kathleen Turner #1 by Tiffany Snow

Kathleen Turner works two job, a runner at a law firm during the day  and bar-tending at night, the last thing she needs is excitement, danger and most of all man-trouble.

Blane Kirk is the enigmatic partner of the law firm where Kathleen works and when her friend and neighbour is murdered, Blane could be the only person to prevent the same fate happening to Kathleen.  The only problem being is…can she trust him?

Blane doesn’t date anyone from work but, when Kathleen literally falls into his lap, he is intrigued by her innocence and more by the fact that she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him.  When she needs his help he does everything he can to protect.

At every turn Kathleen seems to be getting drawn further and further into the unknown with a price on her head and when the dark, deadly, and gorgeous assassin, Kade Dennon, sets his sights on her it could turn fatal in more ways than one.




Let me start by saying that I love this series, I love the characters and I love Kade Dennon! Ok, getting a bit ahead of myself. I really did debate with myself about whether to review each book separately or as a whole series, as I knew I would find it hard not to give away any spoilers, but I have decided on doing each book that way I get to explain how great this series is several times!   I will apologise, I have read this whole series, which comprises of 5 main books, 2 companion books and a very enjoyable prequel (I will discuss this line up later)  five times now and every time I finish I want to start right back at the beginning again.

This opening book introduces us to several characters who will appear throughout the series but the three important ones are Kathleen Turner, the 23 year old runner of a law firm, Blane Kirk, the 35 year old gorgeous former Navy Seal turned Lawyer, and Kade Dennon, the 27 year old tall, dark and deadly assassin-for-hire.  The triangle between these three grows deeper and more deadly as distrust and lies surround them.  Kathleen gets pulled into the situation by accident when her neighbour is murdered and from that point on her life is turned up-side down.  With Blane on one side, keeping secrets from her yet protecting her, and Kade on the other, never fully sure whether he is going to kill her or not, Kathleen finds that her feelings for both men are mixed and her emotions are tangled.  Can Kathleen stay alive long enough to know what her heart truly wants?

The line up of books and recommended reading order is:

  • No Turning Back #1
  • Turn on a Dime – Blane’s Turn #1.5
  • Turn to Me #2
  • Kade’s Turn #2.5
  • Turning Point #3
  • Out of Turn #4
  • Point of No Return #5

There is also a prequel – Turn the Tables – which is featured in the Sweet Dreams Box Set. This was a great additional novella which I would actually recommend you read after the series, not before, as you have a better understanding of the characters and the reference to which it is based on.

Going to read Blane’s Turn now, which I will review tomorrow 🙂



Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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