At Any Price – Gaming the System #1 by Brenna Aubrey

Gamer and blogger, Mia Strong, has come to a decision – to auction off her virginity.  With the help of her long time friend and fellow gamer, Heath, she sets the auction up and meets with the perfect canditate.  But is he? For some reason, unknown to Mia, her chosen canditate seems to dragging out the deed and Mia needs it done. She needs the money, and quickly, to pay off her student loans, medical bills for her mum and to keep her mum’s range from foreclosure.  Will Adam Drake, self-made millionaire step up to the challenge or will he withdrawal his offer?



Good to see the geeks getting some book time.  Living with my own versions of gaming geeks (computer and boardgames) I had a pretty good understanding of the termonology used within this book when describing the game.  The premise of the story is interesting and the different ways that the two main characters view the auction is a source of discussion – is it prostitution or is it a girl making her own decision about her life?

Very enjoyable read. Good characters and intersting story line.  Written from the POV of the female character it shows the reactions she has to his ‘strange’ behaviour.  I will definitely be reading the next book in this series.


Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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