The Billionaire’s Game ~ Kade – The Billionaire’s Obsession #4 by J.S. Scott

Kade Harrison was a professional football player with a model girlfriend until the accident that ended it all.  With a mangled leg his career was over and so was his relationship. Two years of therapy have him walking again but with a pronounced limp.  Undecided about his future he agrees to undertake a favour for his brother-in-law, Max Hamilton.  Max is convinced that he has found yet another sibling, a half-sister of mixed heritage called Asha Paritala.  As Kade embarks on a two month game of cat and mouse, chasing Asha across the country, he starts to wonder why she is running and what she is running from.

When the man stalking her steals her backpack, Asha has no choice but to confront him. What she doesn’t expect to find is the handsome Kade Harrison holding it hostage. Having left and then divorced her abusive husband, Asha has been running scared for the last couple of years, living on what money she can make from her art work.  When she is finally tracked down by Kade and told that she may have family, Asha can’t believe it and won’t believe that they will want her.  With years of Indian culture embedded into her it will take time, compassion and trust from those around her to help her overcome the trauma of her past.

Will Asha be accepted and accept her new siblings, Max and Maddie?  Will she be able to trust her head and her heart when it comes to Kade?  Or will her actions destroy him?



If there is one thing I can say about the men in these books, it is that they are extremely loyal.  There is no cheating, no other woman who comes out of the woodwork, and when they find the woman for them they are supremely protective. I think that is half the charm of these books.  Very often there is another women thrown in for jealousy reactions but with these books if that happens it is cleared up so quickly that there is no lingering jealousy and the woman knows just how important she is.  Kade shows his loyalty to his women by spending 10 years with one woman who never really loved him and I think he knew that.  Finding Asha was a knock around the head for him.  Finally believing in soul-mates.  Interesting question that…do you believe in soul-mates? Is there that one special person out there for all of us?  What if we never find them?  Not sure I believe in soul-mates but I do believe in love that is what is important in a relationship.

Love. Trust. Communication.

The Billionaire’s Salvation ~ Max – The Billionaire’s Obsession #3 by J.S. Scott

Two years after losing his wife in a tragic swimming accident, Max Hamilton was finally coming to terms with her death, even though her body had never been found.

Finding his long-lost sister, Maddie Reynolds (now Hudson), had helped him start looking to the future, until a day at the park where he sees her…Mia. Her hair is different, and her features are more defined, but it is her, he feels it.  As she turns to flee, the woman stumbles and hits her head, waking briefly to smile at her husband and accuse her brother, Kade, of wearing a horrible shirt before losing consciousness.

Having Mia back in his life is both heart-warming and heart-breaking as Mia has no memory of the last year 2 years.  What happened to her? Why did she leave? Who took her? So many questions unanswered.

But when Mia does get her memory back will she be able to stay with Max knowing what she knows?



Max is a closet Alpha-Male but when he realises that what he needs is to show his wife what she means to him his Alpha tendencies come out full swing. This is a story of each partner trying to be what they think the other one wants without actually talking to each other.  Max is trying desperately to retain his ‘Hamilton’ control when what he really wants is to get dominant and controlling with his wife, but too worried about scaring her. Mia reins in her wild, passionate feelings for her husband for fear that he will reject her but when they both finally release their pent-up emotions…oh Boy!

Max and Mia are the ultimate love story. Love at first sight, married quickly, lost love, reunited and then lost again, never giving up. This book has it all, including a literal cliffhanger!

More appearances from our favourites of previous books, Sam and Maddie, and Simon and Kara.  Also appearances from Kade and Travis (stars of future books).


Weekend Surrender – The Surrender Series #1 by Lori King

Rachel Morgan has not had much luck with men.  Her father left and every man she has been with since then has either cheated on her or left her.  Determined to get her own back on her latest break-up she finds herself at the local bar faced with four very hot cowboys, all wanting her, and to top it all off they are brothers.

The Brooks brothers have been secretly in love with Rachel Morgan for years but have waited for a suitable time to set their plan in motion.  Seeing Rachel turn up at the bar wearing next to nothing is the perfect time. Will Rachel surrender to them for the weekend or can they convince her to make it longer?



Ok, so what woman wouldn’t want four hot, sexy cowboys to fulfill her every desire? The passion and story-line are not the best I’ve read but if you want a book that has lots of ménage sex, and have ever wondered about the logistics of having 4 men, then this will appeal to you.

I’m going to have to insert a spoiler here because I need to discuss this.  Why do a lot of these books have to have the woman get pregnant before she realises what she wants? This is a bit of a pet hate of mine.  Too many writers fall back on the “girl gets pregnant” plot in order for her to get the man she wants or for him to see what he wants.  Some are written well and it fits in with the story and even enhances the connection between the characters but some, like this, it just seems that she needed an excuse to go back to them instead of doing it because she wanted to.

May read the next one at some stage but no real desire to get it yet.


Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam – The Billionaire’s Obsession #2 by J.S. Scott

Dr. Madeline Reynolds never thought she would come face to face with the man who had broken her heart years ago until her best friend gets engaged to his brother. For years she has been alone since that fateful night, never finding the right man to make her feel what he did, but now their paths have crossed again but can she forgive and forget for the sake of her friend.

Sam Hudson, co-owner of Hudson Corporation, couldn’t believe that the woman he loved so many years ago has turned back up in his life.  He did what he had to do and has lived with the torment and pain he saw in her eyes ever since that day. Can he make this woman his again or has he lost her forever?



In the first book we had a little background info on Sam and Maddie. The first chapter of this book is actually Chapter 4 from ‘Mine Completely’ so don’t worry about déja vu, you really have read it before (if you read Simon and Kara’s story that is).  The same caveman tendencies are rampant throughout this book as I think will be the theme throughout the whole series…man love woman, man protect woman, woman not always do what man says!

We also have a very good link into the next book about Max Hamilton.  We first see him at Simon and Kara’s wedding…yes, there is a wedding in this book (maybe two, but that would be telling) and he takes an interest in Maddie, enter Sam with club and loin cloth to drag Maddie away by the hair!

Heart-breaking back story of their past that had me a little goosebumpy at times. Great to see more of Simon and Kara and how their plans are progressing.  Looking forward to reading the next book about Max.

Thirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson

Julia Dorning has worked in a job she hates for too long, lives in her parent’s basement, and has no social life…she has declared herself a ‘spinster’.  That is until the handsome Jared Moody starts working at her firm. Suddenly there is a reason to go shopping, wear make-up and not hide under desks looking for a stapler!

Just as life seems to be taking an upward turn for Julia, everything comes crashing down. Can she overcome her spinster ways and get her life back on track?



This was a delightfully funny story about a woman who has virtually no self-esteem and no drive to do anything different with her life even though she hates it.  Julia is a great character and I can understand her way of thinking to some extent. Not the living at home or hating my job, not even the no social life ( I have a husband and children and am happy to sit at home reading when not doing family things) but I do associate with her apprehension for change.  Change can be scary and having to make the decision to change can be even worse.  If the change is forced on you, you have no choice but to make the best of it.

Other than knowing he has blue eyes and dark blonde hair we don’t really know a great deal about Jared’s appearance, for instance his age and height, but I would guess him to be around the same age as Julia and my mind puts him at about 6ft (you can make up your own minds about that).

There are some wonderfully funny moments in this book and the way it is written lends to the humour. Recommended as a fun, summertime read. I will be reading “Thirty – three going on Girlfriend” very soon.


The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Simon – The Billionaire’s Obsession #1 by J.S. Scott

Kara Foster has had a tough time since losing her parents.  She is desperately trying to get through the last year of  nursing school whilst working as a waitress to pay the bills. She is unaware that every night she is being watched from the shadows as she makes her way home.

Simon Hudson, co-owner of the Hudson Corporation and billionaire, has been obsessed with Kara for over a year.  Since the first time he saw her working in his mother’s cafe he couldn’t get her out of his head. Now he watches out for her as she walks past his apartment building, never having the courage to approach her, until one night that changed everything.

Can Kara trust Simon enough to let him into her heart, when everyone else she let in has left her?  Can Simon trust Kara enough to let down his defenses and believe that she sees him for the man he is, not the money he has?

The Billionaire’s Obsession ~ Simon comes in 4 parts that can be purchased separately or as a box set but must be read completely  to enjoy the full story of Simon and Kara



Simon is your typical tormented billionaire who has a tragic past that requires the right girl to come along and save him.  Kara is the lonely female who has her own issues but ‘can take care of herself’ attitude.  This is definitely a steamy romance novel with lots of hot, dominating sex and slow, sensual love-making.  The story-line is standard. The reclusive billionaire with the scarred body that no women will find attractive (sound familiar?) except for the one women who can break down his defenses and prove that he can love. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very enjoyable book and the back story to his tragedy is heart-breaking.  We also get introduced to some other interesting characters, namely Sam Hudson, Simon’s brother, and Dr. Madeline Reynolds, Kara’s best friend.

This is a good ‘lose yourself’story, for when you just want to escape reality…what am I talking about? Every book helps me escape reality.  But seriously, it is an enjoyable read and J. S. Scott knows how to write a steamy scene!


Point of No Return – Kathleen Turner #5 by Tiffany Snow

Who would have thought that within the space of a year Kathleen Turner would go from being a single woman with no desire to date to having an ex-fiancé, who she is still in love with, and an intimate affair with his brother, who she is also in love with. To make matters worse, both men are in love with her and have vowed to not give her up without a fight.

Having been shot at, hit by a car, nearly blown up – twice, kidnapped and almost sold as a sex slave, Kathleen has had enough, and when she finds out that she has a contract taken out on her she decides that enough is enough.

With the help of the two men she loves most in world, Blane Kirk and Kade Dennon, Kathleen is determined to put an end to the life-threatening situation.  But what about her love-life situation?  Can she make the ultimate decision and choose one of the brothers or is she destined to be alone with her heart-break for the rest of her life?



Such a fantastic, gripping ending to a brilliant series.  How can I write this with no spoilers?  There is just so much I want to share.  Kathleen has made her decision and oh, what a decision it is.  I will say there is a wedding.  A beautiful, love-filled wedding that is absolutely perfect for the two people involved. Other surprises occur during the course of this book, good ones and bad.  Some people just can’t let the past go and feel the need for revenge, although he does seem to be a ‘little’ psychotic especially when he keeps referring to Kathleen as ‘his Angel’…not freaky at all!  The epilogue rounds of the series nicely and I know for a fact that there are cameos of our favourite characters in Tiffany’s other books.

This series never gets old and because so much happens throughout the books there is always something that you have forgotten when you re-read it. I have just finished and already I want to read it again but I will restrain myself until next year.  It’s ok though because I still have ‘The Tangled Ivy Trilogy’  and the ‘Risky Business’ series to re-read and review. Also there is a new series coming out called ‘Corrupted Hearts’, first book due out in October 2016

Happy Reading!