Profile of Evil – Profile #1 by Alexa Grace

When Sheriff Brody Chase discovers that he may have a child predator serial killer in his county, he calls Sheriff Tim Brennan who gives him the name of a former FBI Profiler. Determined to get as much help as possible, Brody travels to Florida to enlist the assistance of Carl Stone.

Following a personal issue when she returned from helping her brother, Blake Stone, on a case, Carly Stone resigned from the FBI to become an independent consultant profiler. Finding a tall, handsome man standing in the yard was the last thing she expected.  Not quite as shocked as Brody Chase was to find that ‘Carl’ was actually ‘Carly’ and she was currently standing naked with a gun pointing at him!

After the misunderstanding is sorted, Carly agrees to help Brody with his case and soon finds that her attraction to Brody could cause her nothing but trouble.  Brody also has his doubts about starting up a relationship with Carly despite his strong feelings for her.

As more bodies are found, it is a race against time for Sheriff Brody Chase, Detective Cameron Chase, Forensic Computer Examiner Gabe Chase, and Profiler Carly Stone to track down their killer before he strikes again.



This book was a lot darker and far more graphic in detail than the previous series by Alexa Grace.  The writing has vastly improved since her very first book and the story is engaging.  The Profile series is based around three brothers who work within law enforcement.  In this first book we meet the Chase brothers but primarily focus on Brody Chase.  There is a great link between this series and the ‘Deadly’ series with the female heroine being Carly Stone, sister of Blake Stone who also makes a cameo appearance.

Great character background and story line.  Although hints are given along the way there are sufficient red-herrings to detract from working out who the killer is too early.

Warning: This book deals with Child internet porn, Child molestation, and the abduction and murder of preteen girls.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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