Deadly Offerings -Deadly Trilogy #1 by Alexa Grace

Anne Mason Long’s divorce is almost final. If only her no-good, cheating, lying husband would stop trying to get more money out the settlement. Having a few drinks the night before the hearing leads to a handsome stranger saving her from an overly aggressive drunk in the car park, too bad this stranger turns out to be her ex-husbands attorney.

Michael Brandt has had enough of getting low-life’s of the hook.  Having Allan Long as a client and helping the cheating liar to take his wife’s hard earned money was the final straw.

Moving to the farm she inherited gives Anne a sense of peace, right up until bodies start turning up on her land.  As the new district prosecutor, Michael is right in the middle of Anne’s nightmare and the attraction between them could cause problems but can Anne trust Michael and can she trust her own heart?



Good plot line, I do enjoy a mystery romance, and some interesting characters.  Anne is a very determined and independent women who for obvious reasons has trust issues where men are concerned. Michael is the big protector.  Tall, muscular and devastatingly good looking he wants nothing more than to help the damsel in distress, trouble being that this damsel doesn’t think she is distressed.

I had some issues with the writing quality. Too many sentences starting with She or HE in the same paragraph makes it sound very amateurish but this did improve as the story progressed.  There was also a fair amount of repeating, especially with Anne claiming that she could look after herself despite proving numerous times throughout the book that she couldn’t .

The introduction and side story of Lane Hansen and Frankie Douglas leads nicely onto the next book which I will reread.  And as I already have both the Deadly series and the Profile series on my Kindle I will be re-reading all the books and reviewing them.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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