Spiraled -Callahan & McLane #3 by Kendra Elliot

Trapped in a mall with a wounded teenager and no gun, Special Agent Ava McLane can do nothing but watch as a shooting spree erupts around her. With the killer finally taking his own life this should be the end but when a second mass shooting occurs days later the state of Oregon is put on high alert.

As part of the task force, OSP Detective Mason Callahan, has not only a professional interest in stopping this outbreak but as the boyfriend of Ava McLane he also has a personal investment. Hearing Ava’s witness statement nearly sends Mason into meltdown but it is Ava who is slowly crumpling.

When her sister attempts suicide it is the final straw for Ava. Can Mason keep a hold of Ava whilst attempting to stop more killings or is it time to let go?


Shootings, suicides and speculations. How much more can Ava take before she breaks completely? This is the third installment for Mason and Ava and what a year they have had. To be honest I think I would have gone through meltdown as well if I had had to cope with everything that Ava has over the past year. Having a strong man by her side is definitely what she needs but can Mason be strong enough to stick around? (no spoilers!)

These books are well written and keep you guessing. I like to try to work out who the ‘bad guy’ is before it is revealed and the way these are written gives you glimpses at the killer but only just before the main characters start to piece things together. Really it is no fun to read a mystery when you are certain of who the bad guy is but just waiting for everyone else to catch up.

I have previously read the ‘Bone Secrets’ Series and will be rereading them and reviewing at a later date, but I would suggest that if you can read those first as a lot of the characters that turn up in these books have had their own story in that series. We also meet Mason and Ray in that series as recurring characters.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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