One Defining Second – Survivors’ Justice #2 by D. L. Roan

Dax Keller made a promise to keep his best friend’s sister safe, a promise he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep. From the first time he saw her, Dax knew the feelings he had for her he could never show, so keeping her close and avoiding her at the same time had lead to her hating him, along with the lies and the destruction of her career. Now with an assassin trying to kill her, he has to work hard to keep his promise.

Rebecca Danes hated him. He had taken over her assignment, left her in a van with two babysitters, then took all the glory for her operation. On top of that he had kissed her! Now he was back in her life, dragging her away under some delusion that he was protecting her. If it was for her feelings for him it would be easy to really hate him.

On the run, Dax and Rebecca have to face the truth but behind all the lies and deception can they find the truth in their hearts?


Great second book in this series. Focusing again on the evil that resides in the world. Having met Dax and Rebecca in Surviving Redemption, we now follow their story of guilt, lies, love and regret, as they battle their feelings for each other as well as the bad guys. Also catching up with Grant and Thalia as they continue with their fight against human traffickers.

Sometimes when you read a series of books where the characters intermingle there is normally at least one that you just don’t get or the connection as you read just doesn’t happen, I can honestly say that with all of D.L. Roan’s books that I have read so far this is not the case. I have become engrossed in all their stories and look forward to hearing what past characters are up to.

Hoping that there will be more in this series, as well as the McLendon family saga in the future.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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