Profile of Terror – Profile #2 by Alexa Grace

When Gabe Chase’s ex-girlfriend goes missing he is hired by her sister, Kaitlyn Reece, to investigate her disappearance. When she turns up dead, and Gabe has received an email from the killers, he has to prove his innocence before he can investigate further.

Following a further murder and email, Gabe is convinved that Kaitlyn is next on their list and with a simmering attraction between the pair he has no intention of letting Kaitlyn get taken.

Danger still lurks for Profiler Carly Stone when a previous case comes back to haunt her. Serial Killer Jim Ryder has made a plea bargain with the FBI and when he is taken to a supposed burial location the situation turns deadly.

With three killers on the loose the Chase Brothers will stop at nothing to protect the women they love.



Great but hard-hitting story.  Not as graphic as the first book but with having two youngs boys of my own the storyline really made me think.  Once again we know who the killers are from a very early stage and we know what is driving them to do what they do, this does not detract from the mystery and excitement of the story.

The dynamics between the characters is well put together and the relationships that evolve bring a little happiness to a not-very-happy plot. I like Gabe’s character as the almost black-sheep who is turning his life around and I loved the backstory that emurged between Gabe and Kaitlyn.

I can honestly say that I am, like many series I have read, becoming attached to these characters and want to know what is going to happen to them next.


Profile of Evil – Profile #1 by Alexa Grace

When Sheriff Brody Chase discovers that he may have a child predator serial killer in his county, he calls Sheriff Tim Brennan who gives him the name of a former FBI Profiler. Determined to get as much help as possible, Brody travels to Florida to enlist the assistance of Carl Stone.

Following a personal issue when she returned from helping her brother, Blake Stone, on a case, Carly Stone resigned from the FBI to become an independent consultant profiler. Finding a tall, handsome man standing in the yard was the last thing she expected.  Not quite as shocked as Brody Chase was to find that ‘Carl’ was actually ‘Carly’ and she was currently standing naked with a gun pointing at him!

After the misunderstanding is sorted, Carly agrees to help Brody with his case and soon finds that her attraction to Brody could cause her nothing but trouble.  Brody also has his doubts about starting up a relationship with Carly despite his strong feelings for her.

As more bodies are found, it is a race against time for Sheriff Brody Chase, Detective Cameron Chase, Forensic Computer Examiner Gabe Chase, and Profiler Carly Stone to track down their killer before he strikes again.



This book was a lot darker and far more graphic in detail than the previous series by Alexa Grace.  The writing has vastly improved since her very first book and the story is engaging.  The Profile series is based around three brothers who work within law enforcement.  In this first book we meet the Chase brothers but primarily focus on Brody Chase.  There is a great link between this series and the ‘Deadly’ series with the female heroine being Carly Stone, sister of Blake Stone who also makes a cameo appearance.

Great character background and story line.  Although hints are given along the way there are sufficient red-herrings to detract from working out who the killer is too early.

Warning: This book deals with Child internet porn, Child molestation, and the abduction and murder of preteen girls.

Deadly Holiday – Deadly Trilogy #3.5 by Alexa Grace

Five year old, Shawn Isaac, is not planning on spend Christmas day the way other children will be.  With only four days to go, he is due to testify against his father for domestic violence against his mother and himself.  Having Police Detective Blake Stone as his “buddy” has helped Shawn get through the last few months but the fear of facing his father could be too much.

With threats made against him and the ensuing nightmares, Shawn runs away, not realising that both his mother and father have been killed in a car accident.  Blake and a very pregnant Jennifer Stone set up a search involving the whole town, however everyone seems to be having their own personal problems this Christmastime:

Lane and Frankie Hansen are having financial issues.

Anne Mason-Brandt is having health problems, which she does not share with her husband, Michael, for fear of ruining Christmas.

Tim Brennan is unsure about his wife’s plans to turn their family home into a Bed & Breakfast.

Will they all have a happy Christmas or will their problems rip them apart?



Lovely novella bringing all the characters from the previous ‘deadly’ series together at Christmas.  The main focus of the story is the search for the missing five year old, Shawn Isaac, however the sub-stories involving the other families is well interspersed throughout the book.  I do enjoy finding out how the couples are getting on.  I have a tendency to get attached to the characters in books and like to know what happens to them in the future.  Hope this isn’t the last we will see from these wonderful characters.



Deadly Relations -Deadly Trilogy #3 by Alexa Grace

Five years after her abduction, Jennifer Brennan is now a detective working for her father’s sheriff department. When a young girl is kidnapped, tortured and murdered, Jennifer takes the case with her partner, Dick Mason.

Detective Blake Stone has been slowly falling in love with Jennifer Brennan since the day he met her five years previously.  Now that she is a detective working in the same department he is reluctant to act on his desires.

When Jennifer and Blake are made partners on the murdered girl case their feelings for each other cannot be surpressed and after Jennifer is targeted, Blake will do everything he can to keep her safe.



Don’t get me wrong because I really do enjoy these books but seriously these detectives can be a little slow.  It may be because of the way that they are written so that the reader knows who the bad guy is quite earlier that we can see all the signs that lead the police to him, however  I just feel that with the crimes being committed there would be more focus on the clues which they seem to neglect.

This is a nice easy read with a some suspense, murder and romance.  The sex scenes are not over done, which helps keep the focus on the storyline but what there is shows the passion and connection between the characters.

Deadly Deception – Deadly Trilogy #2 by Alexa Grace

Lane Hanson made a huge mistake. Six months ago he walked out on Frankie Douglas in the middle of the night and hasn’t spoken to her since, the problem being is that his feelings for Frankie are what scared him.  Now he needs her help to go undercover as his wife.

Frankie Douglas hasn’t forgiven Lane Hanson for disappearing on her. When she is asked to particiapate in an undercover op to prevent more murders of young women and a potential baby trafficking ring, can Frankie put her personal feelings aside and work professionally with Lane.

Living together just may be too much for both Lane and Frankie but when emotions take over will it put their operation at risk?



Interesting plot line which was completely different to the first book.  I did find however that some of the story was completely pointless, for instance when Frankie did the PI ‘stuff’ going against Lane it was never actually used to any potential.  Also as detectives I feel that they could have solved this investigation a lot faster than they did. It seemed that they had clues but didn’t put 2 and 2 together until the very last minute causing the reader (me) to get a little frustrated.  Saying all that, it was an enjoyable read and the writing style has improved since the first book.

It was good to find out about Anne and Michael from the first book and how they were incorporated into this story.  We also get introduced to other characters, two of which will be the focus of the next book.

This is an easy read romanctic suspense series with some good characters and interesting storylines.

Deadly Offerings -Deadly Trilogy #1 by Alexa Grace

Anne Mason Long’s divorce is almost final. If only her no-good, cheating, lying husband would stop trying to get more money out the settlement. Having a few drinks the night before the hearing leads to a handsome stranger saving her from an overly aggressive drunk in the car park, too bad this stranger turns out to be her ex-husbands attorney.

Michael Brandt has had enough of getting low-life’s of the hook.  Having Allan Long as a client and helping the cheating liar to take his wife’s hard earned money was the final straw.

Moving to the farm she inherited gives Anne a sense of peace, right up until bodies start turning up on her land.  As the new district prosecutor, Michael is right in the middle of Anne’s nightmare and the attraction between them could cause problems but can Anne trust Michael and can she trust her own heart?



Good plot line, I do enjoy a mystery romance, and some interesting characters.  Anne is a very determined and independent women who for obvious reasons has trust issues where men are concerned. Michael is the big protector.  Tall, muscular and devastatingly good looking he wants nothing more than to help the damsel in distress, trouble being that this damsel doesn’t think she is distressed.

I had some issues with the writing quality. Too many sentences starting with She or HE in the same paragraph makes it sound very amateurish but this did improve as the story progressed.  There was also a fair amount of repeating, especially with Anne claiming that she could look after herself despite proving numerous times throughout the book that she couldn’t .

The introduction and side story of Lane Hansen and Frankie Douglas leads nicely onto the next book which I will reread.  And as I already have both the Deadly series and the Profile series on my Kindle I will be re-reading all the books and reviewing them.

The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride -Nocturne Falls #1 by Kristen Painter

Delaney James needs to hide.  After witnessing her boss shoot a man she finds herself running into the nearest open shop door that turns out to be a mail-order match-making service. Stealing the identity of one of the matches, Delaney makes her way to Nocturne Falls.

Nocturne Falls is not your ordinary sleepy town, in fact at night is when most of the residents come to life (so to speak).  Hugh Ellingham is a 400 year old vampire who lives in Nocturne Falls with his brothers, his grandmother, and a whole host of werewolves, vampires, gargoyles, shifters and witches.  The residents have turned it into a thriving tourist attraction where Halloween is celebrated every day.

Hugh’s grandmother is tired of seeing her grandson lonely and desperately wants grandchildren.  Arranging for a match to spend a month with Hugh was not easy but when Delaney arrives no one, especially Delaney,  is prepared for what is to follow.



What a great place Nocturne Falls is.  A haven for the supernatural where they can openly be themselves without humans realising that they are being themselves.

Delaney is a fun and interesting character who is more afraid of her mobster boss than she is of a family of vampires. The love interest between Delaney and Hugh happens very quickly, maybe a little too quick but I guess when you are dealing with supernatural then love at first sight really can happen.  Hugh is the typical vampire, quiet, reserved and handsome beyond belief, and fortunately he does not glow!

I enjoyed this book. It was easy to read, had a little mystery, a little passion, a vindictive ex-girlfriend, and a host of characters who all have their own stories waiting to be read.  I will definitely be reading more of Nocturne Falls in the future.