Diary of a single Wedding Planner by Violet Howe

After her childhood sweetheart breaks her heart, Tyler Warren leaves her small town and ventures to pastures new. While working in a coffee shop she makes a lifelong friend in Cabe, who helps her through the worst time of her break-up. Becoming a wedding planner had never been her dream but working alongside her other new friend, Melanie, Tyler finds her own life is not as crazy as others.

Her own love-life gets put on hold as she takes on the day-to-day journey of helping others find their Happy Ever After until her ex-boyfriend gets in touch, five years after the day he left her.

Against the advice of her friends and her own better judgement, Tyler agrees to meet up. Will he turn out to be her own Prince Charming or has her prince been there with her all the time.

The first in the Wedding Planner Diary series, this is a joyful introduction to the life of Tyler Warren. Her encounters with different brides and weddings is comical and don’t let anyone tell you that it is all party! party! party!


Enjoyable and funny book with some of the worst brides ever. If I ever had any plans to be a wedding planner (which I don’t), those plans would have been thrown straight out the window, there is no way I would help an overly large woman with no underwear put on a pair of tights!

The story between Tyler and Cabe is what dreams are made of. Having that best friend that you can tell everything to is priceless and I understand the premise of not wanting to ruin what they have.

A feel-good story that will have you laughing, cringing and saying “don’t be stupid!” I will be reading the others in this series.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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