Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell

When Dr Kay Scarpetta is awoken in the early hours of a Saturday she knows there has been another one. Three women are already dead at the hands of a sadistic serial killer and there seems to be no link between the victims. As the Chief Medical Officer in Richmond, Virginia, Kay has to use all her forensic skills to piece together the evidence of who is murdering these women.

Not only is she up against a serial killer but there also appears to be someone trying to discredit her. Can Kay uncover the truth before it too late?


I have had this book at home for a while and finally decided to give it a go. Half way through the first chapter I had to check the publish date (1990) because I felt like I had been transported back in time! Smoking in the offices, DNA analysis only just starting to be used, computers having connected modems and dial-up connection, and the novelty of a women in a “man’s” job. It is amazing how far we have come with technology and scientific advancements in the space of 26 years.

This book has a good storyline and a few twists and turns along the way. Kay’s character is well written and although she is very well educated and a logically thinking person she is still human and makes mistakes.

There are some very graphically written sections about the murdered women so be warned if you are a bit squeamish. The one thing I did like about this book is that although it went into some scientific language it was all explained and didn’t leave you thinking – “What?!”

Surviving Redemption – Survivors’ Justice #1 by D. L. Roan

After helping an old friend to protect his ‘adopted’ daughter from human traffickers, Grant Kendal has had enough of his life as an assassin and exiles himself to remote island. The last thing he expects is to have a beautiful, raven-haired women wash up on his beach.

Thalia Brezlin has been having a rough year and half since her “Uncle” was murdered. Having been beaten ans stabbed. Thalia is now on the run from a Human Trafficking organisation who wants something she has. Broken and bleeding, Thalia finds herself on an almost deserted island with a man who may be more harmful to her than the men she left behind.

With her past catching up to her, can Thalia learn to trust Grant with her secrets and her heart?


Not for the squeamish, this book has violence from the very beginning. Thalia has had to learn to be tough and face danger head on. The connection between Grant and Thalia is perfect, it would take a women with her understanding of the terrors in life to know what a man like Grant has faced.

Dealing with sensitive issues like Human Trafficking is not easy but I think this book is well written and does not shy away from the violence and humiliation involved, admittedly I do not know for certain and have not researched Human Trafficking but I do know that authors do intensive research into subjects and the descriptions of what Thalia experienced made me feel her pain and suffering.

This is a stand-alone novel but does have character reference to the McLendon family – “The Heart of Falcon Ridge”.

McLendon Christmas – The McLendon Family Saga #2 by D. L. Roan

Gabby and her men are looking forward to spending Christmas together with some new additions to the family. When Gabby starts feeling unwell, Grey goes into over-protective mode but is it just tiredness like Gabby thinks or could there be more to it?


A great novella. I loved catching up with the gang at Falcon Ridge. Gabby is very much in control of her men and the boys, Carson and Connor have fully accepted her as their mum. All the original characters are back to share Christmas with them and a few surprises are in store.

Next up for the McLendon’s is “Rock Star Cowboys” – Carson and Connor’s story.
You can also follow the story of Grant and Thalia in “Surviving Redemption”

The Heart of Falcon Ridge – The McLendon Family Saga #1 by D. L. Roan

Until two weeks ago Claira Robbins didn’t exist. Now working at Grassland Academy as an elementary school teacher, Claira is about to encounter three brothers who will change her way of thinking and challenge her heart.

Walking into the classroom to collect his sons, Grey had not anticipated the effect the new teacher would have on him. It had been six years since his and his brother’s wife had died in child birth and he had no intentions of looking for a new one, until now.

When Matt and Mason McLendon first saw Claira they knew, but convincing Grey would be the hard part. Would Claira be the answer to bringing life back to Falcon Ridge or would her past be what destroys it?


I loved this book. The premise may seem strange to some, three brothers all being in love and sharing one women, but what women wouldn’t want three rough and ready cowboys to love, cherish and protect her? You would need to have an open mind to grasp the concept but this is well written and has a great storyline.

Claira’s past continues to haunt her as does Grey’s haunt him. The feelings and emotions that flow throughout the book brings all four characters together. The differences between the brothers compliment each other and the strong will that Claira possess makes her the perfect partner to keep them in line.

Great story. Great Characters. A book I shall be re-reading again and again in the future.

Capital Bride by Cynthia Woolf

Sarah Johnson finds herself homeless when her aunt dies. Being an unmarried mother she is left with few options other than living with her cousin, William, but something tells her that he is not all he appears to be. As a last resort, Sarah signs up with Matchmaker & Co. as a mail order bride.

John Atwood is in need of a wife and mother to help raise is daughter who hasn’t spoken since she witnessed the murder of her mother. Can Matchmaker & Co. find him the bride he needs?


Sarah is a head-strong character who has had a rough time of it since she found out she was pregnant. Now, with no friends and virtually no family, she has few options to do what is best for her and her daughter.

The sparks between John and Sarah are evident from the outset and the bedroom scenes set off just as many sparks.
The relationship between the daughters is lovely and the acceptance they both have of each other shows that children are far more resilient than adults. Although saying this I’m quite certain there are many children who would not have accepted a new step-mother and sister as easily as Katy did.

William’s character brings an edge to the story, however I did find the encounter with the bank robbers to be over before it begun considering the build up.

Set in the 1860’s in the Colorado Territory this a nice story of two broken families coming together as one.

Damsel in Danger – Danger Incorporated #1 by Olivia Jaymes

Brinley Snow has moved into her perfect home but it needs a few renovations and a bit of up-dating. What doesn’t need any renovating is her hunky neighbour Jason Anderson.

Since leaving the DEA after being held hostage by a drugs cartel, Jason had started up is own security consulting firm and works closely with his brother, who is the local sheriff.

When a murder takes place and the victim is clutching a piece of paper with Brinley’s address on it, Jason and Brinley must work together to help find the killer before he strikes again, at Brinley.


This is the first book that I have read by this author and I could tell by the character interaction that some of the characters had appeared in their own books previously. I enjoy books that have this format and will probably have a look at the other series – Cowboy Justice Association.

The characters of Brinley and Jason work well together and the story is fairly well thought out. I think that the “bad guy” could have been a little more menacing and I kind of figured out the plot twist from quite early on.

Reinventing Mona by Jennifer Coburn

Mona Warren has been in love with her grandmother’s accountant since the moment she met him, problem being is he has no idea about it. At thirty years old, Mona has decided that it is time to do something with her life and when her work offer a buy-out scheme, Mona jumps at. Single, rich and with plenty of time on her hands, all Mona needs now is the man of her dreams. But how to get him?
Turning to the only man she can think to help her, Mike “The Dog” Dougherty, starts a journey of discovery and enlightenment, for both parties.
Can Mona do what needs to be done to win her true love?


Can this women have less self-esteem? If you are feeling down about yourself read this. Mona has cornered the market on self-deprecation. She compares herself to everyone else…not as pretty as, not as skinny as, not as happy as, not as fun as, not as athletic as. I wanted to shake her and tell her to get a grip!
Fortunately I quite liked the character of Mike, although there were times when even his insecurities shone through. The lengths that Mona went to to try to gain Adam’s approval where somewhat far fetched and quite frankly I think most people would have given up after the first one.

As an easy read, feel good, comedy romance goes this had it’s moments but lost some of its potential along the way.