Wife By Wednesday – The Weekday Brides by Catherine Bybee

Samantha Elliot owns her own matchmaking business but with a difference. She does not match people by their love interests but more by their circumstances. What she offers is an elite service that provides a bride for men but without love attachments, contracts are drawn up and both parties are happy with the outcome.

When Blake Harrison finds himself in need of a wife to gain his inheritance and secure his estate, he turns to Alliance for help. Believing that he is meeting with Mr Sam Elliot, he is shocked when he is confronted by a petite red-head by the name of Samantha.

What Samantha does not expect is for Blake to offer the contract to her personally. After weighing up the finances and her ever increasing debt due to her sister’s hospital bills, Sam agrees and signs up for a yearlong marriage to Blake. Will they separate amicably at the year end? Or will love sneak in?


This is a nice start to the series and shows a different side to matchmaking. Samantha is a feisty character and due to her past has had to help support her sister, emotionally and financially, alone. When she receives Blake’s offer there really is only one conclusion she can make.

Blake is a very charismatic Englishman who happens to be the Duke of Albany, but in order to secure his estate and title his father insisted that the playboy be married for a year before his 36th birthday.

Of course, one of Blake’s girlfriends isn’t too happy when she finds out that Blake is no longer hers as he is now married and sets out to cause trouble for Samantha.

As a Brit, myself, I would only have one criticism with this book and that is the continue reference to being in Europe when they are actually in England. I know that technically England is part of Europe but I don’t know any English person, when in England speaking to someone from America (or elsewhere) , who would actually refer to England as Europe. An example of this is when Samantha and Blake are visiting his mother in England and she asks Samantha “Have you been to Europe before?” We would actually ask if they have been to England before. There is also another section where they are having afternoon tea and a reference is made that she should know about Tea having been to Europe before. I can’t speak for the other countries in Europe but I’m quite certain they don’t all have afternoon tea (in fact most English people don’t!) As you can probably tell this bit annoyed me a little but I have to say that it did not deter from the enjoyment of the book and I shall be reading the next one in the series.

Author: mandy

I love to Read! Mostly romance (of all types) but I also enjoy murder mysteries, paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, pretty much anything.

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