Taken by Tuesday – The Weekday Brides by Catherine Bybee

Judy Gardner had met Rick Evans nearly a year before in her hometown of Hilton, Utah. Now with her graduation looming he has unexpectedly turned up at a local bar under the pretense of being security for her brother, Michael. When Judy and her friend, Meg, decide to move to California after graduation and Judy gets a job at a local architects, Rick finds this the perfect opportunity to spend more time with Judy. Although her head says no to a relationship, her heart doesn’t follow the conviction, and with a stalker out to cause her harm, it is only a matter of time before Rick and Judy find that there is more to their relationship than Hollywood star’s sister and her bodyguard.


Grittier storyline again. Judy finds herself attracting the attention of a stalker who doesn’t keep his distance and unfortunately Rick becomes the prime suspect. Leaving her hometown and her almost suffocating parents, Judy isn’t looking for a relationship of any kind but Rick can be quite tenacious but not a creepy way.
I do enjoy how this series builds on the characters, introducing new people for future stories and past characters making an appearance, with little snippets of what is going on in their lives. Rick and Judy’s story is no different.

This one will make you stop and think about just who might be watching you. If only we all had a big, buff bodyguard!

Single by Saturday – The Weekday Brides by Catherine Bybee

Karen and Michael are celebrating their one year anniversary with plans for their divorce party already under way. An unexpected visitor in the form of Michael’s older brother, Zach, puts a dent in their plans when he insists Michael brings Karen to the small town of Hilton, Utah, in order to meet the family. What could go wrong with a quick trip? Nothing unless you throw into the mix Karen and Zach finding a mutual attraction to each other, a young pregnant girl in need of help, and an interfering Aunt who is convinced Michael is gay!


This story really plays on the heartstrings that divide love and loyalty. Karen has made promises to Michael and will not break them even if her own love life has to suffer the consequences. Zach suffers his own guilt trip when he realizes his feelings for his brother’s wife. Two people attracted to each other, one married to the other’s brother, the ultimate love triangle.
Michael and Karen are great characters who complement each other well but without the sexual tension that has existed with the other relationships in this series. It is an interesting storyline and the family reactions throughout are well written. The side story of the pregnant girl, who Karen ends up helping, gives an additional appeal to the book.

As always we get a glimpse of our next couple, this time in the form of Judy, Michael’s sister, and Rick, Neil’s friend.

What Stays in Vegas by Beth Labonte

Tessa Golden has had enough of her mediocre life. Working as an administrative assistant for a design engineering company, she has been in love with her co-worker, Nick, for 3 years although he has placed her clearly in friend-zone. Her dreams of being an artist have resorted to building paperclip sculptures. And she hates the cold weather! Life for Tessa doesn’t get much more depressing until Nick comes back from a cruise vacation married. All her hopes seem lost.
When Tessa gets transferred to the Vegas office of the company she decides that this is the break she needs. Her new boss, the owner’s daughter, takes a liking to Tess and recruits her as not only her secretary but also her out of hours side-kick, hitting the clubs nearly every night. Tess also catches the eye of a new co-worker and the possibility of a relationship blooms. If it hadn’t been for one drunken night of texting and subsequently Nick turning up at her hotel things may have gone a lot smoother. Can Tessa sort out her life and finally make some right choices?


Tessa is a great character who symbolises just about everyone who had dreams in childhood that ended up being, at best, a hobby, while they spend their working day in a dead-end job doing something they hate and being in love with the one person who is clueless to their feelings.
When Tessa gets transferred to Vegas she is planning on using the time to sort herself out and get her life in order. With the help from her new boss and best friend, Kendra, and a cute engineer, Chris, Tessa is starting to think that things may be looking up. If only she hadn’t drunk text Nick.
An entertaining story about love, friendship and taking control of your life. It is not just about Tessa but also brings together the lives of those around her. Good characters who bring laughter and tears with a little bit of romance thrown in.

Although there are brief references to nudity this book does not contain any sex scenes.

Entwined with You – Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

The third installment of the Crossfire Series finds Gideon and Eva struggling with past torments and past relationships. Eva’s former boyfriend wants her back and Gideon’s former fiancée wants him back. Neither is willing to accept that Gideon and Eva are trying desperately to be happy without drama and problems. Gideon is still taking all the problems on his own while Eva is battling to stem the worry of what he had done for her. Love is strong but will it be strong enough?


Have to admit that I just wanted to bang all their heads together in this book. Eva for her attraction to Brett when she has a far more reliable and attractive man who loves her, and let’s face it, he has proved that he will do anything for her. Why she even agreed to do anything for Brett after the way he treated her is beyond me. Gideon tries his hardest with Corinne but really…just cut all contact, Gideon. Corinne is a grown woman who he should realise is only out to mess with Eva. Cary is still needing to get his life in order, although I think that is going to be thrust upon.

Nothing goes smoothly but then where would the fun be if life had no drama!

This is book 3 of 5 and the story of Gideon and Eva is far from over.

Reflected in You – Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell are a couple working through rough pasts. Eva has opened up about the abuse she endured as a child and because of his nightmares she knows that Gideon understands. What hurts her though is his inability and refusal to open up to her and let her in. When two different men from Eva’s past turn up in her life, Gideon has to reassess his ideas. Both men are a threat to Eva and their relationship but in different ways. Can Gideon do what is needed to protect Eva? And what will it cost them both in terms of their future relationship?

Book 2 of 5 in the Crossfire Series


Murder, mystery and men who just don’t get it!

An enthralling second part to this series. The characters are engaging, even if I do want to smack Cary around the head. Just because he is bi doesn’t mean that he has to be with both men and women, I mean I’m heterosexual but that doesn’t give me the right to cheat on one man with another…get it sorted Cary.

Eva gets herself a little payback, giving Gideon an insight to her jealousy but he still appears in public with Corinne without telling Eva. How much trust can Eva give to this man?

Tempers will run high when you read this book. Lots of questions…How could he? What is she doing? Why would you put up with that? Nobody said the course of true love ran smoothly. Just remember there are still 3 more books to go!

Bared to You – Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

bared to youEva Tramell has recently moved to New York with her best friend, Cary Taylor. She has a new job at an Ad agency and a new apartment that she shares with Cary.

Gideon Cross is the self-made billionaire whose father conned people out of millions and then committed suicide. Both Eva and Gideon have dark secrets in their pasts but when they literally bump into each other the awareness of each other’s pain sets sparks in motion.

Eva and Gideon begin a rollercoaster relationship which is hindered by not one but two women in Gideon’s life, and Eva’s own issues with jealousy and possessiveness.

This is book 1 of 5 in the Crossfire series.


Bared to you is a great first book in this series with so much happening between the two main characters, Gideon and Eva. The supporting characters are not left in the dark either, especially Cary Taylor, Eva’s bi-sexual best friend and roommate.

Gideon really doesn’t understand relationships or the female psyche when it comes to them, which is evident in his “acquaintance” with other women and Eva’s reaction to them. I know she has issues with jealousy but then in all honesty I think I would too if Gideon treated me like that.

Eva will have to hold her own and stand up for what she wants and Gideon is going to have to learn to bend a little.

Lots of great sex scenes, tears and arguments.

Be ready for emotions to run high and libidos to go into overdrive!

Fiancé By Friday – The Weekday Brides by Catherine Bybee

Gwen Harrison, sister of Blake Harrison, has been in love with her brother’s head of security for years. Now living in America and working for Sam’s company, Alliance, she is spending more and more time with Neil MacBain. Despite her obvious flirting, Neil stands fast in not acting towards his own attraction to Gwen.

When Gwen becomes the lure by an unknown man to get at Neil he stops at nothing to keep her safe. Heading across country on their own survival road trip, Neil and Gwen soon find that the lust they share cannot be held at bay. Will they succumb? And can love blossom when lives are on the line?


Nice to see Neil showing his human side in this tale where he is forced to revel his true feelings. The characters in this series are really coming together now. As well as running with the main story of Gwen and Neil, we also have a side story relating to Karen and Michael.

Neil’s military background comes into play within this story along with some former marines, but just who can he trust. This book kept me guessing and there are twists and turns throughout. Similar to the previous book, there is lots of suspense, but where this one differs is that we do not know who is really after them until the very end. Blake, also, does not take kindly to his sister being the focus of a madman. As well as a good storyline this book introduces us to new characters that you know are going to be the forefront of future novels with exciting twists and turns along the way.

Bring on Michael and Karen in the next instalment!